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5G shall enable World's First Global Telecom Operator

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

What does 5G offer to end user? Not a lot is known. Mobile broadband, the first use case in the 5G feasibility study is interestingly also the only use case that has a direct impact on the devices used by you and me. Ignoring that fact, almost every operator is perusing 5G developments. We covered that here - What is driving investments in 5G?

The participation from Operators in 5G discussion (3GPP meetings) is at an all-time high. From an Operator’s perspective, 5G offers cloud native, service-based core network that can be sliced as per Operator's use case needs. It limits inter-working to service interfaces and for once, every Operator can design a common cloud-native environment for all core network elements.

One CRM, OAM, and OSS for the entire network. Isn't this every Operators dream!

It's clear that the standardization and 5G conceptualization heavily favors Operator's interest as opposed to vendors. 3GPP talks about the optimization of resources, centralized policy management, virtualized environments and proposes HTTP\2 for service access.

What operators seem to have completely missed is that 5G has lowered the cost of entry to market so significantly that the only resource that is stopping an internet company to start telecom operations is “SPECTRUM”. However, sub-licensing of the spectrum is not new.

Neither is radio resource sharing (the only other part that needs physical installation).

With that said, we think 5G shall open the market for world's first global operator. A company that will have cloud expertise, data centers across the world, significant interest in increasing internet traffic, experience in working with different government agencies, existing investment in fiber, already running telecom operations, operations AI and loads of cash. If you haven't figured out who that can be, just GOOGLE it.

We think Project Fi by Google will be the first real, truly global telecommunication provider. Telecom operations that have all the telecom core on cloud and leases radio resources for the last mile. Telecom operations that are complimented with AI to launch #AutonomousNetwork, uses google fiber for delivering mobile broadband and Android to enhance user experience. One of its kind offering that will complement all its verticals.

At Catenna, we are excited by these prospects. We are running a series to capture user stories under the hashtag #GlobalTelecomOperator to narrate complexities of such a network. Subscriber to our newsletter for updates on this and many other interesting articles about telecom world. Do share your thoughts and opinions.

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