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Decentralized Telecom Network (DTN)

If you haven't heard about Apple Airtag, maybe you missed an exciting upcoming tech. Airtag connects via Bluetooth with other Apple devices. What's interesting is that Airtags can connect to any Apple device and share its location without explicitly binding to these iPhones (Read more here). While this seems rooted in the IoT world, iPhone 13 is rumored to sport satellite connectivity.

While Airtag is a classic example of harnessing peer-to-peer networks, satellite connections in mobile handsets seem like Iridium's 90s dream finally coming through. Also, the Skype proposition from the early 2000s seems like a viable option to go off-grid with enormous cellphone density. With censorship on the rise, it's a matter of time that a small start-up in some corner of the world will come around to change the way we communicate again.

Though these seem irrelevant in the current context of 5G, if you look at the broader context of satellite internet connectivity, this seems a revolution in making. If Block-chain, Dapp (Distributed Apps) and De-Fi projects are anything to go by, decentralized telecom network seems almost certain. There are already enough cryptocurrencies to ensure global commerce is no issue. Web-3 is on the horizon and it seems only obvious that the transformation will kick in, sooner than later.

With rising global natural calamities, the last-mile radio network seems inadequate. The coupling of multiple networks (mobile, satellite, and fixed) and peer-to-peer will find traction even if its initial introduction may be for emergency communication.

With that premise, in the next set of blogs, we will break down what a DTN means for you. Who is betting on this tech, and what can you expect from the industry landscape. Will the radio resource be the only critical mass? A new open source OS that connects to Dapp for IP address assignment, and keeps it unique? Which node will police the usage accounting and execute SLAs? and a lot more......

Subscribe and join us while we break this crazy fictitious network design into reality. While this seems like a distant possibility today, this is poised to change quickly. Thoughts?

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