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Key to Operator's Data Monetization strategy

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Every discussion around Data Monetization, must begin with a note on data privacy and protection. The concerns around data privacy and security are being exacerbated by an escalating political and industry debate. Data sovereignty and internet governance concerns are getting addressed by different regional regulatory bodies. General data protection regulation (GDPR) is one such step which is now implemented widely across internet services. The control is now firmly in hands of the consumers to decide how their data can be handled. In this new world where a zillion apps run on customer phones and request varying degree of access, Telecom Operator need to take a hard look at where they stand in the value chain.

Data Monetization System
Telecom Network Analytics System

Most internet applications have access to Subscriber's location, device information and varying degree of usage patterns and choices.

With phone apps sitting on a treasure trove of user information, how can network operators today create additional value?

Let’s explore premise 1 of this situation: Network analytics

Operators have access to metadata information of user's call records, location, mobility patterns and usage patterns. Additionally, from overall network perspective, Operators also have access to overall subscriber density based on locations, data usage peak hours, access preferences, subscribers in specific geographical area and growth patterns. The later information is strictly limited to Operators who are currently using most of this information for two primarily purposes - Regulatory compliance and Troubleshooting. Thus, the burning questions -

How do present day platforms evolve to make way for next generation monetization engine?

That compels me to delve into premise 2 of this situation: Data Anonymity

Anonymizing data is the single most critical requirement for an operator (in a data monetization platform) that is in direct conflict with it's traditional use cases - Regulatory Compliance and trouble shooting. Digital Marketing, a trillion $ market, is still waiting for the oldest networking platform to open its door. Anonymizing data can be key to that door. Advertising agencies are not interested in knowing the identity of subscriber as long as they can see a clear ROI and success of a marketing campaign. Use cases like targeted advertising can be far more effective if they are real time, location relevant and are supplemented with time of the day conditions - something only a telecom operator can provide while still hiding all the complexity and securing data privacy.

Catenna offers expertise to build data monetization platform using opensource tech and help Operators jump-start their digital transformation. We are also looking forward to working with Marketing agencies to derive more industry-specific use cases. We would love to hear what you have to say.

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