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Onboarding a 5G Subscriber

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Customer Relationship Management systems has undergone multiple transformations over the years. From physical stores, call centers to phone app, customer relationship management has been constantly evolving. In fact, It's the billing and charging world that has been dragging and limiting what CRM systems could deliver.

LTE transformation made it mandatory for operators to phase out 2G SIMs. We believe, 5G will be the opportunity for Operators to migrate to eSIM. With both major phone OS vendors - Apple and Google making provision for eSIM, it's just matter of time for others to follow suit. Read related Announcements here - Apple & Google . With the introduction of eSIM, necessity for a user to walk into a store almost disappears.

So, the big questions is - how would an Operator introduce 5G plans to customer ?

CRM will play a big role in answering that question. Let's use the #GlobalTelecomOperator example of Project Fi from our previous references to build our case. For 5G upgrade, a user could simply go online and order a 5G subscriptions. Subscriptions could have two or three categorization and could be fairly similar to what Netflix offers today. Premium subscriptions could offer auto-offloading to alternative access, on-demand bandwidth variations, traffic prioritization in congested locations and dedicated network slices for uninterrupted service.

On getting the order confirmation, CRM could then create the subscription for the user in the unified data repository. Access preferences, quality of service associations, predictive resource utilization considerations and session prioritization information shall be derived and can be part of the subscriber profile. Policy control function in the network shall use this information for decision making to influence both access and session management.

5G User Data Plan
5G User Onboarding

CRM could then trigger the eSIM delivery to the device via internet and upgrade your phone with new subscriptions.

And just like that, with a few clicks, you could transform your subscription to 5G on a #GlobalTelcomOperator's network platform without leaving your seat.

Customer Relationship Management system if engineered right could save huge service introduction cost. CRM will also be critical in subscriber retention, problem resolution and a source to get customer feedback.

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